Break Time 2.1

OOS and RSI prevention software

If you spend long hours or days in front of your computer, whether for work, studies or hobby, you should always remember the physical damage that this could imply. Tiredness, small aches and muscle irritations, and repetitive stress that can be avoided by taking breaks every so often.

Breat Time is an application that will help you prevent these types of problems, by taking recommended breaks and doing relaxing exercises and muscle stretching. In addition to advising you when it`s time for a break, Break Time also plays relaxing music, appropriate for a pause.

What's new in this version?

  • An advanced user activity detection engine
  • Reading mode allows to disable user activity detection for the correct definition of your strain level at durable reading from the screen
  • Break Time now supports 7 languages (English, Arabic, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish)
Break Time 2

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