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Break Time Screenshorts

OOS and RSI prevention software

Main Window

This window contains information about your strain level and shows work time statistics.
The time counter can be reset or paused at any time.

Main Window

Information Window

The window with the strain indicator helps you better understand your current strain level.
When you start working, the window is invisible. If you have been working for 15 minutes (a half of the allocated period of 30 minutes) the window becomes semi-transparent. Finally, when you reach the maximum strain level, the window has 100% opacity.

Information Window

System Tray Icon and Menu

When the program is launched, an icon will appear in the Windows notification area (next to the system clock). You can use it to bring up the main window of Break Time (by clicking it with the left mouse button) and the Break Time's context menu (right click), which provides access to all of the program features:

System Tray Menu

If you stop the mouse pointer over the program icon and keep it there for some time, you will see a floating tip containing information about your strain level and the time remaining till the next break.

Floating Tip

The icon changes according to your strain level:

System Tray Icon

You can also enable preliminary break notifications that will make the icon blink 3 minutes before the scheduled break (see Help for more information).

Lock Screen

You can also enable the Lock Screen function. This is recommended for maximum safety.

Lock Screen

You can ignore or postpone a rest break with screen locking (if the Allow Ignore and Postpone options are enabled) by clicking the Skip button to ignore a break or by clicking the Postpone button (or pressing the Escape key) to postpone a break.